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Postharvest Management & Value Addition

The students will get opportunity to work with industries and develop their practical knowledge on relevant areas.
Highly Employable Graduates

Postharvest Management & Value Addition

Kegalle is in the wet zone of Sri Lanka and produces a large number of agricultural products for local consumption as well as export. Plantation crops, vegetables, grains pulses, fruits and almost all the spices are grown in the Kegalle district. At present there is a need to develop processing technologies to ensure the quality of these products. Therefore, the degree program focuses on teaching the science of processing technologies with hands on experience enabling the graduates to become entrepreneurs in the field of processing technology. Further the program trains the students to develop commercial machineries suitable for different scales (small, medium and large) for these industries. The soft skills of the students are tremendously important in today’s dynamic world and is taken care of.

The graduates we produce will use their expertise to seek out opportunities to provide innovative solutions to real-life problems and will be technocrats and entrepreneurs in new directions, capable of exploiting the postharvest and value addition opportunities contributing towards the economic development of the country.

They will be capable of applying their knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and communication technologies to postharvest and value addition problems. This will enable them to conceptualize sustainable solutions and identify the needs of improvement of the existing processing technology related to value addition and formulate substantiated solutions using the first principles. They will be capable of introducing new products and services assuring the sustainability of processing systems with minimum environment pollution to match the emerging trends. They also will contribute to the fourth-generation industrial revolution making future ready machinery for the industry.

we have four main areas of study:

  • Postharvest technology
  • Food science and technology
  • Process control and automation, and
  • Pilot plant operations

Furthermore, the students will get a good opportunity to work with industries and develop their practical knowledge on commercial processing operations

Post harvest technology

Process Control and Automation

Food Science and technology